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Change Your World Sdn Bhd

This is the best time in the history for youths to live in. However, millions of youths today experience the worst records of human trafficking, depression, suicides, juvenile crime, rape, dangerous online activities, bankruptcy… the statistics show that worse is to come. 

There are 41.2% of youths in Malaysia who lack soft skill thus affecting them from getting hired even though they are qualified. (Research done by Perspective Strategies 2015). 

MTV Asia International survey among 26 countries recorded Malaysia youths between 12-24 years old with the highest levels of boredom at 83%..

CYW wants to play a strong part in bringing down the statistics on the above issues to approximately 11 million youths, ranging from 15-30 years old, which is over one third of the population.
Our vision & mission

To Empower Youths For a Greater Purpose - reshaping mindsets to be Innovators  and transformational leaders that gives back to society.

Our Mission

Designing “High Concept” environments that inspires learning.
Creating “High Touch” events; training, coaching and mentoring (TCM) programs that help them discover their purpose.

Initiating Collaborative spaces for them to play, create and enjoy their learning process.

Raising Trendsetters to become great communicators and innovators that infuse the values of Dignity, Integrity  & Empathy.

Fighting the cause of social injustice especially to end modern day slavery in our lifetime.

Business Model

General Motors Lutz responded to New York Times when asked what was his plan as CEO and he said “It’s more right brain. . . . I see us being in the art business. Art, entertainment and mobile sculpture, which, coincidentally, also happens to provide transportation.”
CYW sees an innovative training facility that includes gamification, music and creative arts to stimulate and activate different parts of the right brain to help with communication & innovation. 

This stimulations will benefit them in their future studies, work life, friendship and family.

We see all the events we organise well designed, powerful storytelling, blended with different creative environments, loads of fun, capturing the emotions of every youth, bringing meaning, fulfilment and liberating them to pursue the greatest thing in life - Purpose.

We see ourselves a Youth Movement that besides giving them a better future, we help activate them to become more socially responsible by being actively involve in our social causes that we fight.

In summary, our main goal is to create a learning environment where they will be Empowered in Communication & Innovation Skills through various Activation points that ignites youths to enjoy a wholistic life. 

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