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Given the recent disaster in Nepal I have decided to dedicate a 135 KM bike race I am doing to raise money.  There is also slight difference with what I am trying to raise the money for (Please Read Below).  To top it off Barclays have kindly agreed to match any money raised for this charity across the board by up to 50K GBP.  So there is a very high chance that your money will be doubled which is very appealing!

What I will be doing - participating in a bike race in Batam (Indonesia).  The race consists of over 1800m of elevation and 135Km of riding.  No small challenge but then most of you know me :-) To make sure that's not enough I have entered myself into Cat 2 (way beyond any speed I can sustain over 135KM with the hills included but then I love a challenge!)

Please give generously for this cause as the disaster has been absolutely devastating and we can help!
A handful of Barclays employees set up the Nepal Future Village Foundation 5 years ago to support child education and schooling across 3 Nepalese districts (1 school in Kathmandu and 2 in the mountainous remote regions of Katunje and Lamjung).

The walls of all 3 schools have either completely collapsed or are unstable – this is the children’s home as they live hundred miles from their families in the most remote parts of Nepal.  Miraculously, there are no child or staff fatalities at the 3 schools – though it is too early to determine the wider impact 
·  Up to 80% of Kathmandu are now sleeping outside for fear of further tremors and building collapses. The children who usually dorm at the schools make up a very small percentage of the overall impact but are equally suffering with their fellow citizens and find themselves sleeping out in the open with no shelter, low supplies and wet weather conditions. It is only a matter of time before illness and disease sets in
·  This is the charity that is dedicated to supporting these children and whilst the project for education must take a back seat, our focus remains committed to ensuring the wellbeing of the students and staff
·  A member of the organisation who is an engineer and has experience in crisis management will be on the ground in Kathmandu (if not already) to support immediate safety and co-ordination, providing supplies (water, rice, medicine, tarp for shelter), lifting spirits and assessing the damage to secure the school buildings
·  A medical team formed by our doctor friends in Singapore will depart to Nepal soon to work with Red Cross Nepal and the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation to render medical aid

The link to the charity can be seen here -

Recent Donors

  • Manoher Singh Matharu

    Well done Rajan - from Manoher & Mundeep

    USD 50 05/22/2015 01:59:52 PM UTC

  • Sonal & Nav

    Well Done, Basra! But we feel you "could have gone harder!" We'll let it slide though for such a great cause. SonNav xx

    USD 100 05/21/2015 03:24:48 PM UTC

  • Rakhee Weston

    Well done Rajan, inspirational. Such a great cause too. Rakhee, Alex and boys x

    USD 20 05/21/2015 02:01:37 PM UTC

  • Nick prior

    USD 40 05/21/2015 08:09:26 AM UTC

  • Janine Ferguson

    Huge congrats Rajan......much respect!

    USD 50 05/21/2015 07:01:10 AM UTC

  • Charles Underwood

    Congratulations Rajan! A fantastic effort in support of a fine cause!

    USD 100 05/21/2015 06:05:00 AM UTC

  • Mandeep & Helen

    Great work mate. you do put us all to shame!

    USD 100 05/21/2015 05:14:25 AM UTC

  • Mayuri Gokani

    USD 40 05/18/2015 12:31:56 PM UTC

  • Ern Hayes

    Good effort, now get moving teef

    USD 50 05/15/2015 08:12:43 AM UTC

  • Craig Barnett

    Good luck Raj

    USD 50 05/15/2015 08:08:58 AM UTC

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