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Imagine the flood has just swept your village Imagine the loss of life, food and shelter year after year. Imagine the hunger to read the meaning of His test and not having an Al-Quran with you What do you want your fellow Muslims to do 1 Is Al-Quran as important as important as food, clothing and medicine? There are many agencies sending food and medicine in flood disasters, but have you heard of anyone giving Al-Quran to flood victims. In the flood disaster, their home and valuables get damaged including their Al-Quran. 2. Any Gharar (uncertainty or unknown) in our transaction? Please be informed that by contributing,. 5% from your contribution goes to transaction and processing fee by Each All contribution is displayed on You may contribute as Anonymous or give a name. It's up to you. Your receipt will be generated by the system at the end of your transaction 3. Akad You hereby authorise the duty to deliver quality Al-Quran to Warisan Ummah Ikhlas Foundation (WUI) by contributing. WUI will be sending over the your Wakaf Quran when enough Wakaf fund has been collected. Date of the delivery and distribution will be announced. Stay tuned to our social media May Allah bless you for your wakaf

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