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wan ting lian fundraising for Chaah flood victims

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wan ting lian fundraising for Chaah flood victims

Hi all, I am Wan Ting from Chaah which is a small village. On 1 March 2023, it suffered the worst flood since this small village was reclaimed. I would like to raise RM45000for Chaah flood victims to rebuild their homes as I am one of the victims. I know my neighbors who are suffering for living after this disaster. Therefore, I wish to raise funds for them to rebuild their home. The RM45000 can use to buy basic electric appliances such as:
1. refrigerators
2. washing machines
3. mattresses, blanket, pillow
4. furniture (table, chair)
5. children's stationery, shoes, school uniforms
6. fan
7. water kettles
8. rice cooker
9. food, other basic living things 

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