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Sheng Hui Lim

Hi! My name is Sheng and I do cat rescue work in my neighbourhood! There are A LOT of stray cats around me that need medical attention. 

Starting this July, I have rescued 11 cats (1 pregnant mother, 1 mother with 3 kittens, and an adult cat with a tooth abscess). So far, I have rehomed 4 of them and released 1.  As a rule of thumb, I properly vet potential adopters to make sure they will provide good, loving forever homes for these rescues. 

I have adopted 2 my rescues, so I'm still fostering another 3. Besides this, I feed the outdoor stray cats that I do not have room for, until I have the space to take them in if need be. I also humanely trap, neuter, and release the healthy strays around to help control the population and prevent kittens from being born into a tough situation. 

I am a one-woman-team and fully using my own free time/space/money. Hence, I am fundraising to help cover some of the mounting vet fees of all my rescues. Since they are rescued from the streets, they often come with moderate to severe medical conditions. My goal is to reach RM2,000.

One of them is Tofu, a sweet 4-year-old cat who came to me this July pregnant, down with the flu, and with gingivitis. Since then, she has successfully given birth and raised a litter of four. (Way to go, Tofu!) However, she is still struggling with chronic rhinitis and has finally been referred for a nasal endoscopy after we exhausted all other less invasive options, such as antibiotics, nose-drops, anti-viral meds, and a major teeth extraction operation. Her medical fees have come up to more than RM2,500.  And that might not be the end of it...  (Update: Tofu had her nasal scope and I am currently waiting for her lab results. Her nasal tract is badly infected and she is being medicated right now. Depending on the results, I might have to take her for a CT scan. But, one step at a time.)

There is also Midnight, another sweet male who has been down with the flu for months on end. I'm planning on taking him in very soon and getting him fully vetted. I'm also in talks with another rescue group who is willing to help foster him once I vet him fully. 

There are also two kittens Miso and Storm who are roughly 7 months old. I haven't had the space for them, but I still want to get them vaccinated and neutered. 

There are so many stray cats in need of love, care, and medical attention. It is a lot of work from rescuing, to vetting, to potentially finding them a forever home,  but it's also very rewarding to see them heal and grow accustomed to peace, warmth, and love. They also make great companions too. 

Your donations will help me continue rescuing, vetting, fostering, and rehoming stray cats.

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