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Hello potential donor! We are Rosy and Jon of the Allergic Rescuers KL. Thank you for your interest in us!

We are independent animal rescuers, meaning we rely on our own time, energy, resources and donation appeals to rescue and care for animals most in need. 

Once we rescue strays from the streets, markets, rooftops, drains, parking lots, etc., we first quarantine them, then take them to the vet for first vaccination shots, de-worm pills, de-tick/de-flea spray and additional medical attention if needed. If they are old enough, they will also be spayed/neutered. We then foster them in our own homes or in homes of our network of fosterers to socialize them with people and our own pets while also toilet-training them. Once our fosters are ready to be adopted into loving homes, we try to find the best adopters possible through an application and interview process. 

We are conducting this ongoing fundraiser so that we can afford to continue saving animals, one at a time, while ensuring that we address the overpopulation problem by spaying/neutering all our foster babies. We do not pay ourselves and 100% of your donations will go straight to the animals. Your donations will feed the foster babies high quality food to get them strong and healthy, they will pay for vet fees when the foster babies need to be vaccinated and spayed/neutered, and they will go to buying essential supplies such as litter and flea spray.

Adoption saves lives. Fostering saves lives. Your donations help us save lives. 

Please check us out on Instagram: @allergicrescuerskl or on Facebook: Allergic Rescuers KL.

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