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Roshinee Mookaiah

About Sherlyn

Sherlyn is a recent SPM leaver who comes from a B40 community, outside of KL city. She is the youngest from a family of 5, that survives on a household income of RM 2000 only/month.
I have been working personally with Sherlyn as a mentor for the past 1.5 years and together, we had been strategizing her post SPM pathway towards tertiary education.
Thankfully, her hard work has paid off and she has just secured a four-year scholarship at a local private university here in Malaysia. This scholarship amounts to RM 68K and only covers the tuition fees for her upcoming Diploma in Business + Bachelor in Business (Marketing) (Hons).

Unfortunately, there are a few hidden fees involved that cannot be paid for by her family nor myself. Thus this fundraiser to help Sherlyn enter university and be able to sustain herself for the upcoming four years.

Breakdown of Sherlyn's fundraiser

These funds will be broken down into 2 components, Critical costs (A & B) and Supplementary costs (C & D). They are as follows:


A. Academic fees - not covered by the scholarship
  • Administration fee: RM 2,500 
  • Application fee: RM 300
  • Resource fee: RM 6000 (RM1,500 x 4 years)
  • TOTAL: RM 8,800
B. Transport cost for her first two years (estimate)
  • Public transportation cost: (RM 12/day x 20 days)x 24 months
  • TOTAL: RM 5,760 

C. Technology cost - helps Sherlyn access online lectures and complete assignments
  • Internet cost: RM 1779 (RM 99 modem + RM 70/month) x 24 months
  • 2nd hand Laptop: Already being sponsored 
  • TOTAL: RM 1,779
D. Emergency fund  
  • Minimum RM 1000
  • Any remaining unused cash/additional donations will be directed to this fund.

Cumulative total - RM 8, 800 + RM 5,760 + RM1779 + RM 1000 = RM 17,339, rounded up to RM 17,500.

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