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Susanti Johari

Hi, my name is Riess and I am an 11 year old pupil.

Recently, I was introduced to a single mother named Susanti who, after being ill for over a month and following some unpleasant discoveries, was informed by her doctor that she has breast cancer. Because of her illness, Susanti has not been able to support her family for over a month now as she isn't able to open her chicken rice stall in the PPR flats (low cost flats) where she lives. 

According to the residents in her community, she is a very hard working lady who used to run her business every single day and would look for any opportunity to earn more for her family. Her husband passed away a few years ago and she has 2 children, both with learning disabilities and the youngest with speech impairment as well.

As such, I am organising a charity football match which my friends and I will be playing in together with similar aged children from the PPR flats. The objective is to raise enough money to support their day to day living for the moment, as well as any medical bills to come. 

The match is planned for the end of April 2019 after which, I will post photos of the game and the contributions being given to her. If there are excess funds, this will be donated to the Malaysian Breast Cancer Society and I post an update on my page here. 

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