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Rebecca Niang

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Rebecca Niang

I am diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease.My long term renal replacement option is haemodialysis, pending a renal transplant.

Now my sister has said she is willing to donate one kidney and we began running the tests. 

Additionally my health situation requires 3 dialysis treatments per week, which is approx. 8000$/year

Due to the covid 19 crisis it is getting more difficult to finance.

Pre-operative diagnostics, the carrying out of the operative procedures for my sister and I as well as the post-transplantation monitoring care amount to a total of above 25000$. 

The pending kidney transplantation with my sister’s kidney would save more money in the long run and sustain my life.

Therefore, if it is God’s will to let me live, then I am seeking, asking and knocking on your door to help me.
speedy and successfully carry out a kidney transplantation and recuperation process together with my sister. 

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