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Pre-U CS0119 Sunway

The Reading Bus Club KL (TRB), a non-profit organisation founded by Mr Cheli Nadara and wife, Ms Kong Lai Mei, as a mobile library which has been running actively since 2009 in parts of Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Cambodia. It had started out from a van filled with cabinets of books for the children from the outskirts and villages to borrow and read. Later on, with helps from sponsors and volunteers, mini libraries are created at the back of the classrooms with colourful cabinets filled with new English story books. The kids are certainly ecstatic with the availability of the books for them to read and borrow.

Mission & Goals
TRB aims to reach out to underprivileged children to enhance their English language proficiency through activities like seminars, camps, quizzes and reading competitions etc. Also, this is done with help from teachers and volunteers from Malaysia and England. TRB also hopes to encourage children to read more in English and try to revive the reading habit which is slowly dying among the children with the advancement in technology today. TRB firmly believes that everyone deserves to be taught to read.

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