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Jawad Majeed

My cat, Tabz has been diagnosed with FIP. I need help from the crowd to help my little fighter. This guy has gone through a lot. 
My fiancee and I found him as a stray cat who came to her house. He was under good care for 6 months until he suddenly fell ill and started getting weaker day by day. My fiancee brought him to the vet when he started refusing to eat and started vomiting, he was diagnosed with Parvovirus.
Parvo is a highly contagious virus and very difficult for cats to get through alive. It causes an infectious gastrointestinal (GI) illness, and without treatment, it is potentially deadly. Part of what makes the virus so dangerous is the ease with which it is spread. 

Tabz was admitted to the vet for more than 5 months to help him treat parvo. After five grueling months, he was out in the best of shape, ready to face the world again. He was up energetic and active. He had no problems with appetite and he was playing and running around with all his fur friends up until late August of this year. 
His fur started shedding, he stopped being active and he started eating less. I brought him to the vet, temperature taken and his temperature went up to 40.5c. Vet staff quickly ran a test and found he has Dry FIP symptoms. From August to September, he has been on constant steroids which have helped him a bit. However, it wasn't improving his health much.
I brought him to another vet and he went through another blood test. He was diagnosed with FELV as well. 
After long days of researching, I found that there is a cure for his condition, however, it comes with a very big price tag that I cannot reach on my own. But I know Tabz needs this, he needs this so he can fight his second battle and be okay again.
I humbly ask for your help to raise RM4599 for a drug named FIP anti viral GS-441524. Please donate to help, every ringgit counts for us. 


Antiviral Cost

28 X RM350 per-vials of GS-441524 OSCAR 15mg/5ml (To be given at 15mg/kg Dosage)- RM10,000

Estimated Vet Cost

Vet Medical Cost + Boarding + Daily Injection, Needle + Syringe + Food + Consultation + Blood test Every 2 weeks - RM 2,700



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