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Nurul Syuhada binti Salleh

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Nurul Syuhada binti Salleh

​Hi. My name is Nurul Syuhada. I'm 26 years old. I am person with physical disabilities and currently dealing with many chronic, medical conditions.  I'm wearing above knee prosthesis for left leg and have nerve issue on right leg - Congenital constrictive band syndrome, which developed Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) after first surgery in 2012. My right leg's condition is quite severe that my specialist recommended to amputation. I also can't stand or walk properly because of intense pain.  For now, I'm not ready to amputate my leg yet and still fighting for it. I also dealing with severe back pain, fibromyalgia and still investigate for Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) - many symptoms already matched with diagnosis. I also take high doses of meds, up to 20 pills a day including Fentanyl patch and psychiatry meds for my Major depressive disorder. So far, I need to get many medical procedure from government and private hospital which require lots of money. I really hope I can get help from here to fund my medical expenses. Thank you. 

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