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WoodWing Fundraising for Colleagues Affected by Flood

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WoodWing Fundraising for Colleagues Affected by Flood

As you may have already been aware about the current situation in Malaysia. It rained for over 2 days consecutively the past weekend. From Friday evening till Sunday, causing flash floods in certain states of Malaysia, with Selangor being affected the most. Hence, some of our local colleagues here have been affected by this flooding, with their homes and properties being damaged severely.Therefore, we; the Malaysian Human Resource Dept would like to drive a donation fund to assist our colleagues who has been affected by this natural disaster.We hereby ask for your generosity to extend a helping hand in contributing to this fund to assist our affected colleagues to rebuild their livelihood. Even the smallest contribution will make an enormous difference to them.We would like to express our deepest gratitude in advance on their behalf for your generosity during this desperate moment and your help is invaluable.

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