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SK Sungai Penipah, Mukah

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SK Sungai Penipah, Mukah

Better Education for The Children

My pupils show a big interest in learning when I first introduce them ICT in learning. It was my 21st century project of learning. I noticed that my pupils become more enthusiastic and actively participate in the learning. That was before the Covid-19 attack the world. My pupils really get affected by the pandemic. They are unable to use the technology because some of them does not have their own device and some of them does not have any devices (even their parents) because they came from poor family background. It is hard to conduct online learning as some of them are not an ICT tech and did not received a proper training in handling any ICT devices. This is because the school does not have enough facilities to conduct the training for the pupils. The school also does not have an ICT lab. It is my dream and my responsible to change this. 

Recently, within the year of 2019 and 2020, my pupils were among the top awards receiver in the state. My pupils won the first place in Digital Storytelling Animation (DISTA) in 2019. In 2020, my pupils also won the first place for Digital Storytelling Animation (DST) 2020 and representing Sarawak State for National Level. This proves that my pupils have abilities to master and do well in handling ICT when they have the devices and enough training. It is only that I can only train at a limited number of pupils in a year due to limited devices available in the school and if we have, some of it are not longer supporting the current version. 

I found this site Simplygiving looking for an opportunity to get a fundraise so that I can buy them enough devices such as:

1. Laptops
2. PCs
3. Printers
4. Digital Boards
5. Smart TVs
6. Projectors
7. Internet Access (subscribes)

any of these

so that my pupils will able to learn and master the use of technology for their learning. These pupils have potential if they have enough ICT devices to be used as they can have the opportunity and experience to use it regularly in the class. It is my greatest hope to see my pupils' dream come true and non of them are ICT illiterate. 

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