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Kimmie Pereira

  • Malaysia    Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Aid, Poverty, Rescue
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Kimmie Pereira

Hello, my name is Kimmie. My family and I are currently homeless. We have 4 children of which, two of them are still babies. 

My husband and I lost all source of our income due to the pandemic. Eventually we lost our home as we were unable to keep up with rent payment. We have been without an income since MCO 1.0 and we are doing all we can to survive. Along the way, we have amassed a great amount of debt. Despite being penniless and homeless, we are slammed with legal battles and being chased for payments, left, right and centre. It is a maddening state of mind. 

We are at our wits end. We cannot be homeless anymore. My children need their education. My babies need their basic necessities. Please help us with any contribution that you can. Any amount goes a long way. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God bless you.

** Your contribution will go toward: 
- Deposit for a rented home
- Paying off loans, debts and our legal battle
- Food, clothes, educational material and basic needs for the family **

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