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June Elizabeth Angco

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June Elizabeth Angco

Miracles for April

We NEED your help to save our friend’s life.On Saturday, August 19th, our dear friend April got into a tragic accident while touring in Bantayan, Cebu. She had a traumatic brain injury and had undergone Hemicraniectomy or brain surgery due to the blood clot and swelling in her brain.

She is currently in an induced coma. Her mom, and dad, Tita Wanda and Tito Ben, takes care of everything she needs at the hospital, while her younger sister Jel finds ways to cover the expenses.

Being hundred miles away from home, family and friends, and seeing their beloved child and sister suffering, we know that this is very hard for them. And we’re trying to help in any way we can.

April needs urgent blood transfusion and an approximately Php 17,000 – 20,000 (seventeen to twenty-thousand pesos’) worth of medications each day to survive. Their running bill at the hospital as of August 28th was Php 319,709 (three hundred nineteen thousand and seven hundred nine pesos).

They NEED our help. April is the head of the family. She is a loving daughter, a caring sister and a wonderful friend. She has brought happiness to her families, friends, and colleagues in her simple ways and is always willing to give everything she has for the people she loves.We truly miss her and we’re begging the heavens to send forth its miracles for April and her family.No donation is too small.

Your support and contribution is very much appreciated.Please spread the word and help us continue the fight for April! God bless you!

April Penales Angco, 32, studied at University of the Philippines Los Banos, and worked as a Workforce Lead at Sykes Philippines and as a Team Leader and Social Media Analyst at StraightArrow Corporation.



In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:
  • Deposit any amount to any of the following banks:
                 Bank: RCBC (Checking Account)
                 Account No.: 0003054331
                 Account Name: Baby Ma. Winda P. Angco                 

                 Bank: East West Bank
                 Account No.: 4375 0700 9944 7973
                 Account Name: June Elizabeth P. Angco                 

                 Bank: BDO (Banco De Oro)
                 Account No.: 0013 9018 0466
                 Account Name: June Elizabeth P. Angco
  • Make a check payable to “Baby Ma. Winda P. Angco” (April’s mother) 0915 183 8592
All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.



For blood donors (any blood type, no previous sickness or did not recently undergo a surgery), please contact:
Wanda/Ben Angco +639162585507 
Cebu Doctors University Hospital
Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City Philippines

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