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Joven Rada Rafol

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Raised So Far PHP 19,000

Joven Rada Rafol

My third degree cousin TEODORO "DOROY" RUBAS ROBISO is currently bedridden and is seriously ill. He was born on May 20, 1966. He is 55 years old now and is residing in Pili, San Fernando, Romblon, Philippines. 

He has been bedridden since the last week of October 2020, suffering from an unknown illness. Unknown illness because of his family's lack of financial capacity to send him to the hospital to undergo medical check-up. The most that we could guess regarding his medical condition is - CHRONIC ARTHRITIS but it could just be one condition and there might be more.

In an effort to help save my cousin's life, it has prompted me to initiate this fund raising effort called - DRIVE FOR DOROY to raise awareness of his medical plight and to seek financial assistance from anyone we can reach out. With the amount of money we can raise, we will be able to send him to the hospital for a much-needed medical check-up and diagnosis. 

They are only two in the family, her sister, IMELDA and him. Living in a make-shift shanty in barangay far from the hospital. Both of them can hardly meet ends since there is no stable livehood available. 

Donations will help fund the following:
1. Transportation to Provincial Hospital or in Manila based hospital
2. Medical Check-up and Diagnosis
3. Doctor's Professional Fee
4. Medications 
5. Physical Therapy

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