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Hong Huey lian

Hello, I'm William Hong Huey Lian,aged 29yr. I was diagnosed with
Blood Cancer Stage 4 Precursor T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (T cell-ALL) (第4期急性淋巴血癌)In 3/1/2020, It stared off i felt headache comes with dizziness, breathless with fews foot step,on the day i plan to seek for a consultant for check up that in KPJ Hospital Ipoh.

After a basic blood test, Dr had told me it might be a lymphoma(stage 3).But to rule out the diagnosis, need to proceed to a lymph node biopsy for the confirm diagnosis and the staging. For the report verified, it's take 1 week. With the final report, it's showed lymph  node tissue measuring 10mm×10mm×8mm with Blood Cancer Stage 4 Precursor T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (T cell-ALL) (第4期急性淋巴血癌)
.Which means i can't regenerate my own blood cells, need a long term blood transfusions to remain my body functioning well. But survival rate is low. Either way is proceed to chemotherapy combined with stem cell transplant. 

I am expected to go through 4 cycle of chemotherapy to make sure the cancer cells do not overwhelm my body before i can proceed for the stem cell transplant. From 9 may 2020 till the present,i have been on chemotherapy to suppress the cells. It's cost me Rm 39k,which already exhausted all of my savings. 

On 14 Sept,my youngest brother had done the stem cell collection in Sunway Medical Centre ,as his HLA genotyping test is 50% match with me. When I'm ready to undergo for transplant. Unfortunately for the HLA Antibody test that released by IMR it interpreted my brother antibodies is detected against to me,which mean i can't received his stem cell. It require to look for the stem cell from local or other countries (Taiwan & Singapore). Dr had mentioned to me that Malaysia Stem Cell Registry can't found any cells match to me that he had done the research earlier, so last chance  to prolong my life is to look from Malaysia through BMDP-Bone Marrow Donor Programme's,mainly for Taiwan and Singapore. It total will cost estimate around Rm200k for those procedure and tests for the donor. 

The news article on the success case

Here is my Bank account. Please, any amount of donations would be of great help to me.

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Hong huey lian

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Hong huey lian

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