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Fahrizal Johari and Nur Hidayah Ernie

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Fahrizal Johari and Nur Hidayah Ernie

Hello, my name is Fahrizal Johari, and this is my beloved wife, Nur Hidayah Ernie.

I was a system engineer with Dell, and lost my job due to end of contract last year, September 2021. One week after my end of contract, my wife had a stroke. Major stroke that is. Paralyzed on her whole right side. Hospitalized for 2 weeks without any ability to contact nor having people to sit by her side due to covid restrictions. 2 weeks after she was discharged, she had stage 2 Covid, back to quarantine again in the hospital for another 10 days. Since she was still paralyzed, I lost contact with her again.

She was consuming meals through straw for 2 months. Unable to talk and walk or even sit down. Took her 4 months to walk again, with walking support.

My wife is not capable of taking care of herself as usual anymore. Even though she's not bedridden, she still requires diapers and requires help even to walk. Because of not working anymore, I could not afford physiotherapy or rehab for her as advised by specialist. We also need second opinion on her condition, advices from other doctors than the one we're seeing now which is from government's local clinic. They're not really helpful. It's like grab and go situation on each visit.

My wife also have difficulty of speech. She needs time to form sentences and having hard time to remember words or to describe what she wants to say. She can't even remember her birthday.

I'm a full time house-husband taking care of my wife now. Doing all kind of chores, daily. I could not leave her for work. I did try to get a job working from home as system engineer but none avail. It's probably due to my age as I'm 42 years old now. However my first priority is my wife. I'm asthmatic due to 4 times pneumonia the last 10 years and had suffered stage 4 Covid, and I'm also taking medicine. But I can still take care of myself.

We need help with funding for her therapy, daily needs such as groceries and medicines. And we can't even afford to pay our rentals. Since married, my wife is a full-time housewife. I'm the only one out working. My wife needs full time care and support.

Since her tragedy started (last September), when she was in Sarawak, there was no therapy done, not even physio. She was only advise to do daily routine of minor exercises. Until we got back home here in Seri Kembangan, I managed to set her up with local physiotherapist, a private practice. Cost about MYR1000 (one thousand ringgit) for 10 sessions. That's the package provided and the specialist advised she requires months of therapy. Which we couldn't afford. We can only afford to pay MYR1000 and that's it.

My wife also suffers from hypertension and requires daily monitoring, we need BP monitoring device and blood sugar detection device.

For anyone who's donating to us, the funds will be use for physiotherapy/rehab which is highly important right now, medications, diapers, any required support equipment if advised by specialist. Due to no source of income, we also need help with utility bills, rentals and groceries as well. Please help us.

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