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Fadhrullah Yusop

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Fadhrullah Yusop

I cam from a less-privileged family consisted of my father (a driver), my mom (a housewife), and a sister. My father worked as a driver for the Government office in Kuching and always had to work overtime in order to provide my family with the supplies that we needed. His salaries often vary month to month depending on how many days did he work overtime. The range is from RM3,000 - RM4,000 per months. Electricity bills, water bills, it's all paid by my father. I often feel sorry for him as he works too hard and did not spend much time with us. My mom, on the other hand, did earn some side incomes by babysitting my aunties children. I also a sister who just recently finished high school.

Before I continue my studies in UiTM, I did enroll at SEGI College for a semester. During that time, one of the staff told me that I was eligible to receive the scholarship from MARA. I'm taking a Diploma in Human Resource Management for a semester in 2014. During that time, the staff told me that I only have to pay RM 603.00 in total while the rest of the amount will be deducted from the MARA scholarship. I attended all the classes, did my assignment, took all the test and quiz during classes. However, it did strike me out - a day before the final examination, I was not able to sit for the final examination as I have to settle an outstanding fee of RM 4, 608.33 which is the course and exam fee that I have to pay FIRST before I could sit for the exam.

I was shocked to hear about this as the staff did not mention these issues to me. They did not tell me that I have to pay in order to sit for the exam and keep on telling me during my studies there NOT TO WORRY ON the course fees as it will be covered by the scholarship that was promised to me that I will get it. And no one ever contacts me to tell me that MARA scholarship WAS NOT OPENED during my studies. 

I feel betrayed and sad as I have attended all the classes without even missing one, studied hard for test and quiz but in the end are not able to sit for the final examination. I have received the reminder for outstanding fees letter from the college this year. My dad looks worried and I could feel the burden that he has to add on to his shoulders regarding these issues. I am devastated as well. My dad decided I should just leave college and enrolled in IPTA.

I was accepted in UiTM at the end of 2015 and did excellently on my Diploma studies in Information Management and will be graduating with Anugerah Naib Chancellor in upcoming March 2019. I will be enrolling also for Bachelor Degree this month at UiTM too.

I hope my campaign will become successful just like other campaigns here as I was not able to pay for the amount all by myself. All of your donations mean so much to me. I hope all of you are willing to help me out.

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