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Hope Pioneers for Puchong Christian Alliance Centre

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Hope Pioneers for Puchong Christian Alliance Centre

We are a group of students from Taylor's University who have partnered with Puchong Christian Alliance Centre to help out children aged from 7 to 12 who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These children come from underprivileged families initially went to school but were unable to afford extra classes and tuition. Due to the pandemic, these families are unable to afford basic equipment and set up a studying environment at home, leading to a deprivation of their basic rights to receive education. The absence of proper guidance at home is also affecting them as this is a critical stage in their lives.

This programme is being carried out at PCAC in collaboration with a holistic care relief programme and so we wish to raise funds to help out these kids who have been affected by the pandemic. As a non-profit organization. they have been sustaining themselves by getting sponsorships and volunteers who offer their services out of their goodwill but now the pandemic has made it difficult for people to contribute their time, effort and energy.

A combination of our own goodwill and a necessity for help has caused us to try and help out these children by raising funds. Through this fundraising campaign, we hope we can raise awareness of this issue and strengthen our relationships in the community. Together, we hope to share our fortune with those less fortunate around us and we hope you can join us in our cause! Please click the donate button to show your support!

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