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Emma Short - Fundraising for Pinky Enriquez

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Emma Short - Fundraising for Pinky Enriquez

Our dear friend Pinky (31) tragically lost both of her parents recently in the Philipines. They died just 5 days apart.

Pinky's father, Bonrofel (60) had been privately battling an illness as he did not want to be a financial burden on his family. He slipped into a coma and was hospitalised before passing away on 6th February. Bonrofel was treated in an area with COVID-19 patients as doctors were unable to conduct a swab test to rule out the virus. As a result and in the absence of health insurance, Pinky's family have incurred enormous medical expenses. Her father would later test negative for COVID-19. 

Pinky's mother, Charito (51) who was grieving her husband, collapsed during the dialysis she was receiving for Kidney disease. Medical staff were unable to revive her and she passed away on 11th February from heart failure.

Pinky currently resides in Kuala Lumpur where she works to support her family in the Philipines. Everyone who knows her can see that she is an extraordinary, kind and selfless person. Sadly, due to the pandemic she is unable to return home to the Philipines to attend the funerals of her parents and support her younger brother who is just 15 years old.

It's unimaginable the pain that Pinky and her family are going through, made worse by the escalating expenses. We ask that you spare whatever you can to support her. All funds raised will be given to Pinky directly to cover medical and funeral expenses at this difficult time.

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