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Urgent, blood donor needed for my pet!
Have you seen this similar message circulating on social media?
Have you ever wondered how can we make things better?

Malaysia Pet Blood Donor Database is a brand new initiative to aid in pairing the recipients in need of blood transfusion to the available pet blood donors.
It does not only serves as a platform to collect a database of pet owners with available blood donors ("Donors") but also serves as a platform to allow owners of the recipient ("Recipient") to request and access information of the available donors easily without panicking and searching around for donors during the emergency.

Our missions: 
- To meet the urgency in obtaining pet blood donors in emergency situations
- To reduce stress and anxiety of pet owners and veterinary practitioners
- To increase the success rate of lifesaving blood transfusions conducted on time

Previously, we have been
1) Utilizing google forms features to collect information of donors and recipients.
Donor Sign Up Form
Recipient Request Form

2) Linking information about blood donors criteria, blood types and blood donation process from the Instagram 

3) Performing the filtering, pairing and consent requesting processes MANUALLY.
It is tiring and lacking immediate responses and efficiency. 

Hence now we wish to build a website for the Malaysia Pet Blood Donor Database.
Features include:
1) Mobile responsive website
2) User register and login page
3) Donor sign up page
4) Recipient request page
5) Auto-pairing between suitable donors and recipients
6) To view available donors nearby with information of body weight and blood type (Without contact information yet)
7) Auto email response - to email donor when there is a request, to email recipient when a donor provides consent 
8) Auto-update about donors' availability (auto-pause when donors donated in recent 3 months, auto-elimination when age exceeds 8 years old) 
9) Features for Recipients to cancel request, for donors to edit information or withdraw from database
10) To insert information about donors criteria, the blood donation process and blood types in dogs and cats for viewers 

The fund raised aim to support:
1) The set-up and hosting of the website
2) The development and design of the website
3) The maintenance of the website for at least 3 years
4) The publicity cost - Printing of the brochures and QR code stands to promote the websites at veterinary clinics, hospitals and pet stores.

This big project is inspired by many fallen angels who are now resting in peace at the rainbow bridge.
Your support will definitely help in launching the website of the 1st and only Malaysia Pet Blood Donor database in Malaysia.

-Giving the Gift of Life-

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