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Savor of Life

Malaysia has been on partial lockdown since the 18th of March. Covid-19 cases swiftly jumped on a daily basis from 100s to 200s to 500s and now we are in the 800s.

We just recorded our first 2 deaths from the disease.

My medical colleagues are responding to the drafting call to leave their stations and travel interstate to join the battle in the epicentre of it all - our capital Kuala Lumpur.

There are 2 hospitals in our capital cleared out for and identified as ground zero for COVID-19. And these are where all these young doctors, nurses and other medical professionals will work, eat, sleep and live until the crisis is over.

Many of them are first time mothers, fathers.

Young, hopeful professionals called away from their families to join a battlefield they may not return from. They are hungry, sweaty, and constantly on-call.

Savor Of Life has been providing mobile lifestyle change programmes and delivering whole-food plant-based diets for people with obesity, heart disease, hypertension & diabetes with excellent success rates

Since the lockdown began, we've been sending out free meals for the elderly and other high-risk individuals to ensure that they keep healthy & virus-free.

Now we need your help to also protect the hundreds of doctors and nurses that are working in these 2 hospitals.

The small sum of 540MYR will feed one healthcare professional on the frontline for the entire lockdown period.

Come and join us in the battle against COVID-19 from the comfort of your homes!

How it Works

  • Every day, based on the donations we receive, we'll take 50 meals at lunch and 50 at dinner to Hospital Sungai Buloh and Hospital Kuala Lumpur.
  • These will be Savor of Life meals - plant-based meals to improve health and boost your immune system
  • We are producing them at cost and DO NOT make a profit from doing this,
  • If we receive more donations each day we will hold some in reserve so that we can maintain the food delivery through the lockdown.
  • If we receive a lot more donations then we will make more meals each day. There are thousands of workers at each hospital keeping you safe.
  • If there is any money left at the end of the lockdown we will donate it to a medical research charity for coronavirus (or something similar) with full transparency.

About Savor of Life

Savor of Life helps people transform their health by providing lifestyle coaching and a healthy diet. It is ideal for people who are overweight, diabetic, have hypertension or high cholesterol. 

If you are interested please Google us. This page is all about helping our hospitals help us.

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