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Dawn Adaptive

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Dawn Adaptive

A New Dawn, A New Day and A New Hope ! 

At Dawn Adaptive we are a Social Enterprise with a social aim to empower people through inclusive fashion, which can have a positive impact on someone’s quality of life and to make the world a better place for all.  

We create clothing that enables independency and bring empowerment for anyone to express themselves without worrying about dressing difficulties. 

Unfortunately, many families out there and especially those from the B40 communities don't have the privilege to buy our adaptive clothing.

• Your contribution will help families with children with disabilities. These families have never had the chance to try adaptive clothing. With your help we can get closer to that mission. 

• Your contributions will support us to continue to showcase more creators with disabilities to design our prints/products. 

• Your contribution will help us to continue creating inclusive fashion products with necessary adaptation in the mainstream fashion future that we all want to see. The contribution will help us to create new designs. 

Any contribution would be highly appreciated, as it will bring us one step closer to our goal.

We want you to be part of our journey. 

Will you help us?

If you would like to know more then write to us at or Whatsapp 017-326 3662 . Visit our website at

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