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Chris Seow

Rahimah Binti Ibrahim, 16 years old this year, having a headache and dizziness since July 2019. Symptoms progress to unsteady walk, blurred vision, tinnitus and reduce hearing. After went in for medical check up, she was diagnosed with cerebellar brain tumor on 19th September 2019 at KPJ Hospital. Rahimah was then admitted to PPUM and craniotomy for tumor resection on 30th September 2019. Lab Test result Rahimah was having Glioblastoma Multiforme (Grade IV Brain Tumor) at her left cerebellar. She's in need of treatment as soon as possible in order to recovery and as well as extend her lifespan.

Currently she will need to have Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy in order to slow the tumor progression and possible kill the cancer cells. With these treatment currently Rahimah family needed at least RM25,000 to cover just only the treatment costs. However due to a single-parent family, I would like to fundraise extra RM10,000 to help out Rahimah family financial burden.

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