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Chia Huei Tan

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Chia Huei Tan

Saif is a Rohingya student who is trying to complete his Bachelors degree in IT in Malaysia. He has completed 2.5 years of his Diploma programme in IT, graduating with a CGPA of 3.02 just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. With these credits, he will be able to obtain a Bachelors degree in 2 years if given the chance to continue.

Saif isn’t just a student, he is also a teacher. During evenings and weekends, Saif runs a non-profit English school in Klang for Rohingya refugee children and youth who are not allowed to attend local schools. Additionally, he also teaches English to refugee adults (parents of his young students!). Funding his degree would not only provide him with a brighter future, but also enable him to continue serving and educating the Rohingya refugee community here… so your gift has a multiplying effect! 

The funds we are raising will purely be used to pay his university tuition and visa fees for 1 year. The breakdown is as follows:

1st instalment: We have already raised the majority of the 1st instalment fees but he still needs RM4752 (approx. 1160USD)
2nd instalment: RM10490 (approx. USD2560)

Total required including platform processing fees:  RM16,300 (approx USD4000)  

Saif and his parents will be incredibly grateful for any help they can receive to fulfil his dreams of completing university. Seeing the leadership he has shown so far, I believe he will use his education for the good of his community and hope everyone can help make it a reality! 

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