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Fundraising for John Joseph

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Fundraising for John Joseph

My appeal is seek help for a loving and healthy Grandfather, father and a husband, Mr John Joseph whom has suffered a severe brain injury due to a fall on the stairs at he's apartment. This is due to the poor maintenance and negligence of the authorities or agency in keeping the safety and maintenance of the building up to date. Multiple broken railing bars and a dark stairway with less light brightness along the way up to Mr John's apartment resulted and is believe falling from the 2nd floor to the 1st. He has since suffered broken ribs, broken shoulder, multiple facial fractures, and multiple strokes in the brain. He is now is a semi coma stage and not gain full consciousness despite in ICU for more than a month. Doctors says that he might be permanently be bedridden and may have to live as such for the entire of he's life.

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