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Angelo Morales Fundraising for niece Liana Erin

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Angelo Morales Fundraising for niece Liana Erin

Our 6-month-old angel Liana Erin needs your support in her fight

My name is Angelo Morales and I am writing this on behalf of my youngest brother Andre and his wife Lala.

Their firstborn Liana Erin Advincula Morales was only 25 weeks when she was born last December 23. Because of premature delivery via emergency CS, she is now on oxygen support and needs to stay in the neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 3-4 months for her to completely develop and survive.

We’re thankful to God that after 6 years of marriage, Andre and Lala have been given this wonderful blessing even though she came out months earlier than we have expected.

We believe that God has a plan when He gave Liana to us. We will stay strong and find the courage to fight for our little baby Liana Erin. We hope you can support us in this long journey our family has to take.

We hope you can support us in giving our little angel Liana Erin a fighting chance to survive and live a happy, normal life.

As of this date, Liana Erin's hospital bill is already amounting to P300,000 (SGD8,000). Estimated cost is about P1,500,000 (SGD40,000).

We are doing everything to shoulder the bills but we also know that we need support. For this reason, we are asking for your good heart's help in raising funds for our baby Liana Erin.

We need financial support and compassion from as many people as possible.

This is why we decided to set up this fundraising account.

Many of you have supported us during our Mom’s battle with cancer. We remain grateful. 

Once again, we hope you can be our source of hope and strength is this time of difficulty. Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

When Liana grows up, we will tell her how so many people came together to help her survive her first few months in this world. 

Thank you for your kindness and generosity towards our little fighter, baby Liana Erin. May God bless you abundantly in return!

Angelo Morales for Andre, Lala, and Liana Erin Morales

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