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Angelica Guerra 1

   I am Angelica Love (Love Guerra), I am here Malaysia, but originally from Philippines,

im working as a caregiver,in a retirement home..taking care of elderly patients and doing physiotheraphy...  

    I want live my life as a normal woman,with a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life. To live a normal life, without predjudism, without discrimination in all aspects of my life, and without the feeling of being disturbed, anxious,frightful,rejected, depressed,having dysphoria, because i always feel i am way too different from others. Feeling so incomplete and feeling an outcast in most ways...ALONE and always EMPTY.... because i got a heart and mind of a woman , but born as a male.


     My full transition and full surgeries includes sex reassignment surgery/ gender reassignment surgery,breast augmentation,and facial feminization surgery ....                            

  With THIS transformation and by having my surgeries, This would make me WHOLE...and would make the VERY BEST version of ME..

   The amount of my goal for this campaign decently goes to all the said extensive and major, but safe surgery procedures including all laboratory tests needed for the above mentioned operations,accomodations, air fare to thailand and post care operations expenses and for post op medications and such post op laboratories and medical check ups.

   Again, I'm asking for your COMPASSIONATE HEARTS and KINDNESS,LOVE and SUPPORT..

   Your HELP, SUPPORT and DONATIONS will change my LIFE completely.  I POLITELY and HUMBLY ask for your support and be a PART of my JOURNEY..

Be a BIG PART of my NEW LIFE..  I need to be WHOLE..                      

    I want to live my life HAPPY and as normal as it can be so I can live my LIFE to the FULLEST.. 

    I got my facebook account linked here and so with my group page, so you can personally interact with me regarding my cause and my campaign....  

    Funds raised will be paid directly to Kamol Hospital, so i can proceed with all necessary surgeries and operations...

    I will have the full Obligation and Responsibity to SHARE a timeline and documentation of all this Life Changing Journey, so all who took part, SUPPORT, and HELP with this campaign will have a better view and understanding how this cause/campaign can not only make my Life more Fulfilled but will also make myself the Very Best version of me....  

Thank you so much... I will really appreciate your SUPPORT and HELP..       GOD BLESS YOU and your FAMILY ,and always keep safe...and be always happy...   

      Can check Dr. KAMOL on this link       


      Here also my consultation with the Kamol Hospital...pls check the link...        


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