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Furry Friends Farm

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Furry Friends Farm

Turning 36 y.o, Azlan's wish is for everyone not to spend your valuable Ringgits to buy him a birthday present. Instead, converting that amount into a contribution towards a cause that is close to his heart. Your contribution this year will go towards Furry Friends Farm - a non-profit animal shelter located in a small town of Kundang, near Rawang Selangor. It is a home for 500 or more animals. Dogs, cats, sheep, chickens, rabbit, ducks and geese - that were rescued, abandoned, abused and strays. 

And in conjunction of being 36, you can choose to donate:
RM 36 
RM 72
RM 108 
or however much you wish to spare 

The proceeds will help the sanctuary's supply of food for the animals. 

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