Action Initiative for development [AID]

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Action Initiative for development [AID]

AID organization is a not for profit, secular and non political civil society organization which was registered on dt: 26/05/2005. Major objectives of the organization are comprehensive development of the marginal communities, especially the most downtrodden children and women belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. The aim of the organization is to undertake programmes for welfare of these children and women, educating them about their constitutional rights and help them to get their rights by providing education to children and motivating the community and enable them to get basic amenities.

Presently the organization is involved in several projects related to girls education, community awareness activities (regarding their rights), bonded labour and respectable life for people who are living with HIV/AIDS.

AID has made small achievements in the last 8 years which are as follows: successful in releasing 72 bonded labourers from slavery and rehabilitate them, hostel facility to 175 students for one year, through State Government, distributed free clothes and nutrition to 30 children with support from Global Giving Organization.

Strived to create awareness among the exploited communities about Untouchability Act, Employment Guarantee Act and SC & ST Sub Project, etc.

AID is committed to protect the interests of the downtrodden masses of the society and protect the rights of children and women who face violence and harassment. AID expects your support in this context.

Aim: Integrated development (land ownership, improving educational, social, economical and political status) of the exploited communities, children and women and establishing a relevant environment where the marginal community people can lead a respectable life.


  1. Creating awareness among the exploited people in the society about their constitutional rights.
  2. Enabling the people to fight to get required basic infrastructure.
  3. Make efforts to constantly create awareness about education and social amenities that they should receive constitutionally and laying a strong foundation so that they can lead a respectable life.
  4. Considering women, children and the youth belonging to the backward and exploited communities, undertake studies, advocacy, workshops, information dissemination and helping them to get justice, by working with the government.
  5. Forming children and women community associations and provide required information and establish an amicable environment.



1.       Educate about constitution and laws (about Untouchability Act, Bonded Labour Act, Right to Education Act and laws relating to Land Rights).

2.       Creating awareness among the community about the importance of education, which is the foundation to establish a respectable life for any person. (forming child committees and holding discussions with youth).

3.       Undertake study regarding the exploited communities, negligence towards education and the hurdles in this area and undertake advocacy, with the government.

4.       Organizing workshops and commencing specific campaigns/struggles (Land and Special Unit Act, Right to Education Act).

5.       Extending education and other support to neglected children (provide educational material) and helping them to utilize the available government facilities.

6.       Commencing downtrodden community sponsorship programme for children belonging to the exploited community.

AID is a small organization, which has been established by a person belonging to the backward caste and downtrodden community, who himself has experienced exploitation and has vowed and working honestly to root out the same. The organization is yearning to spark a new thinking and strategy among the downtrodden and hence we request you to kindly support us and provide us an opportunity.

AID works mainly with women who work as house maids, poor women living slum areas and scavengers, street children, rag picking children, begging children, child labourers and other children who are in distress, women who migrate to urban areas and face exploitation and harassment, out of school children, bonded labourers, landless labourers and youth.

The organization strives to create social awareness, importance of education and community motivation, helping the downtrodden to avail their constitutional rights. Educate the community about what is violation of rights and undertake advocacy with the government. It also is instrumental in creating awareness about the various programmes and schemes of the government meant for the backward castes and the downtrodden and provide them suitable guidance to avail the benefits. Strive to collect donations and financial assistance from philanthropists and donor agencies, for the cause of children and women in distress (exploited, people living with TB & HIV/AIDS).

AID is working in 12 slums of urban areas in Davangere city, 15 villages of Davangere taluk and 25 villages in Koppal district. The major focus of the working of the organization is towards upliftment of the poor families, children and women belonging to SC and ST community. The major assistance includes helping them to get shelter and education of children, reaching out government benefits to the eligible and genuine beneficiaries and creating awareness about the same. It also makes efforts to create awareness among the children and women about the constitutional rights and available laws for their protection and benefit (Employment guarantee Act, bonded labour act, untouchability act, child rights, women rights, etc.).

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