Old Balara Christian Community School Inc.

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Old Balara Christian Community School Inc.

OBCCS is a non-stock nonprofit organization based in Quezon City.  It is currently located in 701 Tandang Sora Avenue, Quezon City,  Tel 9316155.  

As we mark the 30th Anniversary of OBCCS in  2017,  we are happy to have provided Christian, quality and affordable enterprise education for families in Old Balara. Parents choose our school for the following reasons:
• Our distinctively Bible-oriented Christian worldview in the curriculum
• Practical and engaging methodologies employed in classrooms
• The care and love that the faculty and staff provide all students
• Socialized tuition that make quality education accessible to low income families
• Small class sizes that allow quality interactions between students and teachers. 

A key reason for establishing the school was to provide an environment where children in our community will grow the way Jesus did, who grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men ( Luke 2.52). 

The Old Balara Christian Community School aims to be the main provider of an enterprise education curriculum (for Building Enterprising Society Today or BEST). Our brand of education tries to achieve this through four areas of emphasis in the K-12 curriculum.

Our first and foremost emphasis is for the child and his/her family to Love God. Thus, we uphold the Bible as the foundation for all learning and we teach to direct children and families to know Christ and live by the principles He taught in the Bible.

Our second emphasis is to Love the Philippines. Education must be relevant to daily life in the community, so that children do not see the world of the school as separate and different from their world at home and in their neighborhood. They need to see the usefulness of schooling and learning to solving problems and improving their community.

Our third emphasis is Science Orientation. Literacy and learning are to be seen as tools for conquering the world and care for it, so that we will sustain life on this planet not only for ourselves but for future generations. 

Our fourth emphasis is on Work and Enterprise Excellence, so that our children will grow to become responsible, competent and faithful stewards of their personal and material resources, including their gifts, talents, abilities, skills as well as financial and material assets. Children learn to save and invest, working heartily as for the Lord and not for men (Colossians 3.23). 

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