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Achievers Academy

Achievers Academy is solely focused on providing quality education to refugee children who have had few privileges in life but whose academic abilities have been proven once given an opportunity to study.

As refugees, normally awaiting relocation to another country, the children are not permitted to study in Malaysian public schools. However, the relocation process can take as long as 6 years or more. When children of intelligence are not allowed to attend school, they lose their capacity for intelligence, and their mind, occupied only by poverty, can become dull.

The challenges for refugee and asylum seeker families can be greater in that they may have previous traumatic experiences in their home country and can face further social disruption and poverty upon arrival in Malaysia because of their legal status. Asylum seekers low levels or no financial support and are not entitled to work which results in many parents and caregivers struggle to feed and clothe their families.

Achievers Academy believes that education should take into account the diverse cultural, linguistic and economic needs of its community to prevent the
marginalization or exclusion of young people in education.

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