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ImpactHK is a charity supporting the homeless throughout Hong Kong.

Currently we are out serving the homeless twenty times per month during our Kindness Walks. During these walks we provide the homeless with kindness through food, drinks, clothing and bedding, toiletries and free laundry. As we increase the frequency of our walks, trust and connections are built and more and more often we are presented with individuals reaching out to us wanting to find a way off the streets. At ImpactHK, we believe we can give them that.

Our job creation initiatives will surround our homeless friends with multiple connections, from having a safe and clean home to mentorships and sports leagues. Our friends will be surrounded with connections and support through counselling and friendship.

In order to take this next step as a charity, it is imperative that we have a facility of our own.

Having a facility will provide us with a safe space to further our connections with homeless individuals looking to get off the street. We will have a free clothing section where homeless individuals can select the clothing they want. We will be able to provide counselling and even give haircuts to the homeless. Having a facility will provide us with location for job training.

We will start a painting company called The Second Coat Painting Co. In this centre our painters could learn how to paint and be ready for work. Having a facility will allow us to further combat food waste. We will be able to receive donations from charities supporting food waste and also work directly with companies and farms who have excess products which we could use to support the poor.

We have found the perfect location in the heart of the largest homeless population in Hong Kong.

We are seeking to raise $350,000 in order to pay for our first year's rent.  This is a large number, but achievable if we all work together!


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  • Tom Gaffney

    Best of luck Martine

    HKD 2,000 03/09/2017

  • Anonymous Vic Li

    HKD 500 01/09/2017

  • Ed Peters

    Good luck on a very worthy cause.

    HKD 500 01/09/2017

  • Sanushka Wijayadasa

    Good Luck

    HKD 750 01/09/2017

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Martine! Good on you for raising awareness & funds for such a good cause.

    HKD 3,388 01/09/2017

  • Steve Palfrey

    Happy Birthday Martine, so nice to see you reaching out in support of a fantastic cause

    HKD 500 01/09/2017

  • Donna Young

    HKD 1,000 01/09/2017

  • Mac Lindley

    HKD 500 01/09/2017

  • Ju Vabien


    HKD 150 30/08/2017

  • Benny Cheung

    HKD 200 08/08/2017

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