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Loan to Mrs. Kroeurng Tro - Rice & Cassava Farmer in Cambodia

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About Lending Project

Kroeurng is 40 years old and she has been a farmer for 20 years. She has three kids, and her two younger children are still at school. She is taking out a loan to increase her farming land to fulfill growing demands for cassava roots. She intends to repay the loan in 30 months.

Kroeurng owns a plot of land, around 1.5 hectares, where she grows wet-season rice that has a 6-months harvesting cycle. She rents an additional 3 hectares of land to also grow rice, the rent costs around $150 per year. Apart from rice, she also plants and sells cassava, this has a 10-months harvest time. She rents an additional total of 6.5 hectares to plant cassava, which yields 20 tons per hectare. She owns a tractor to plough all her land, enabling her to operate efficiently and cost effectively.

Due to the stable and growing demand in cassava, she is taking out a loan to purchase 1 hectare plot of land to grow this crop. Her yield from this investment is 20 tons of cassava root. She will repay the loan in 30 months.

Kroeurng is another seasoned farmer. She's determined to build a better live for her children and is thus working as hard as she can to fulfill their dreams.

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