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Dear Supporters!This fundraiser is to support the care and possible repatriation of Javan Primates (Slow Lorises, Langurs and Macaques) that have been rescued / confiscated in North Sulawesi typically being smuggled out of Indonesia this way to the Philippines.

My Story

Tasikoki deals with wildlife confiscated along the smuggling route from Indonesia to the Philippines via North Sulawesi.
We usually get wildilfe from Papua and the Molluccans passing through here, but occasionally also from Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan.
On the 17th of September 2015, the authorities in North Sulawesi intercepted a shipment of 23 Javan Slow lorises and 2 Javan Langurs.
These were eventually transferred to Tasikoki for care (sadly some lorises died from the trauma and lack of food/water).
For the lorises, we are working with International Animal Rescue, and hope the Indonesian Wildlife Authorities will permit the transfer of primates to their excellent Slow Loris centre in Bogor.
Likewise for the langurs, we are working with the Javan Primate Centre of the Aspinall Foundation in Bandung.
There is much redtape to make this work, in the meantime we need to cover the cost of care of these special primates at Tasikoki.
Your donation here will go directly to the support of these critters, as well as Hanoman and the other long-tailed macaques at Tasikoki
If you donate USD 100 or more, you can name one of the 19 Javan slow lorises (Nycticebus javanicus) - just put your chosen name in the comment field (most are male, try to use unisex names) and once all are named, we will send all donors a PDF certificate of adoption with the name you have chosen.  A nice gift to forward someone for Xmas or upcoming birthday perhaps?
If we achieve to raise enough funds through this appeal, we will hopefully be able to afford to send many home and build some better enclosures for those who could not get a ticket to Java.

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  • PointBlank Tattoo NL

    Total of our fund raising day at the Tattooshop!

    USD 1,200 05/15/2016 08:51:51 AM UTC

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    USD 50 03/18/2016 01:15:30 PM UTC

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    USD 500 10/05/2015 02:15:05 AM UTC

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    USD 500 10/04/2015 09:13:31 AM UTC

  • aj

    wish i could help more x

    USD 100 10/02/2015 07:27:28 PM UTC

  • Jonna Lehtinen

    Elli wishes to name one of the males as Hugo =)

    USD 200 10/02/2015 09:40:40 AM UTC

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