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URGENT APPEAL: Support FlowBooks' Monthly Sponsorship Scheme (MSS)

  • 14/09/2017 - 30/09/2018
  • Hong Kong
HKD 8,800
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Target : HKD 360,000

About Event

Update on 5th Oct

Thank YOU! The FlowBooks Space Wish is fulfilled just in time on the Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival)! Due to your sincere support 🙏, FlowBooks successfully relocated in Central again.

The new address is at Room F & G, 1/F Kai Fung Mansion, No.189-205, Queen's Road Central. 


It' s a 3 minutes walk from Exit E2 at the Sheung Wan MTR station, at the junction of Queen' s Road Central and Jervois St. Entrance on Queen's Road Central. There's a lift accessing to the 1/F too. 

We shall start moving in immediately today. You are most welcome to start visiting our new FlowBooks space from today onwards if you're keen to come by. Or if you would like to give a helping hand to set up our community FlowBooks space together, you are more than welcome too.

Please keep helping to spread the word on our Monthly Sponsorship Scheme (MSS), as it would be a very important part to help FlowBooks be sustainable and continue with our business operations and reaching out to our amazing community of book lovers and readers.

Thanks so much again for your incredible and continual support in our journey thus far!


Update on 26th Sept

Dear FlowBooks Supporters, Thank you for your continual kind support. As of now, we are still unable to meet the requirement by our landlord to show proof of a possible new lease. Due to this, the current temporary reopening in the original location at Lyndhurst Terrace would last until Sept 30, unless we have a major breakthrough in the next few days! We shall keep our promise to look for a right space and enable FlowBooks to continue its operations and we welcome your visits. 

Meanwhile, please consider to support our Monthly Sponsorship Scheme (MSS) and also help in spreading the word to your friends far and wide. 

I would love to also meet you personally in FlowBooks at Lyndhurst Terrace to say farewell together to that lovely space before Sept 30.

- Surdham (Founder of FlowBooks)

Update on 18th Sept: Article on FlowBooks in the HKFP

Update on 15th SEPT

Dear Friends, I am having discussions with the landlord to extend the lease but I wanted to let you know that no matter if the lease gets expired or not, FlowBooks will carry on, perhaps at a different venue. Therefore the MSS is to be continued for that long term commitment from both side of us. I will keep Sponsors informed as to where they can get their books. Thank you so much for your support.

2nd Update on 15th SEPT

The landlord has not yet provided a decision, but has agreed to allow us to continue opening the bookstore this weekend till Monday (18th September). Please feel free to drop by and also please help to share the message of the MSS. Thank you so very much.


One FlowBook Changes Our World, Because of YOU!

Thank you so much for all your support in the May 2017 fundraising for FlowBooks, that help us to go through the crisis and eventually granted us the initial reopening period from now until 14 SEPTEMBER 2017.

FlowBooks is now working towards being a Social Enterprise with its core vision of giving books away to encourage readers to build up a regular reading habit. We shall set up FlowBrary in schools and enable readers to have a user friendly access to our FlowBooks. A simple way you could continue your valuable support in our Vision, is by being the honorable Sponsors of our Monthly Sponsorship Scheme (MSS). 

Through the MSS, we are looking to raise an initial sum of HKD360,000 which is the rental we need to keep FlowBooks open for one year.

You can simply choose from ANY ONE of these MSS options:

  • 1 Month Sponsorship at HKD100
  • 2 Month Sponsorship at HKD200
  • 3 Month Sponsorship at HKD300
  • 6 month Sponsorship at HKD500
  • 12 month Sponsorship at HKD1000

Sponsorship Benefits

For every month of Sponsorship that we receive, we shall in your name deliver (free of charge) two FlowBooks to a student (FlowKid) that you'll be sponsoring. In addition, every month of Sponsorship will entitle you the privilege of choosing two FlowBooks from our huge collection of books for yourself to keep your reading experience dynamic. 

So, 2+2 FlowBooks being set free to the world for you and the many future FlowKids to read every month. And your kind and generous gift can help FlowBooks stay healthy and our business to be sustainable in the long run. Day by day change for a better reading world!

There is a HKD100 discount if you select the 6 Month Sponsorship, and a HKD200 discount if you select the 12 Month Sponsorship. In addition, if you choose the 12 Month Sponsorship option, you will also get an additional CD/VCD/DVD every month. That is, a total of 24 FlowBooks a year and 12 CD/VCD/DVDs! 

The more sponsors would definitely help create a better foundation of the FLOWBRARY project. It allows us to make a better and quicker use of the resources to set the books Free and Flow further and faraway! You are essential to make this happen together!  You are also welcome to sign up more than one MSS and give the gift to your friends. Thanks!

Collection of Books

All books and CD/VCD/DVD are available for self-collection at FlowBooks, or will be shipped to you if your bear the postage. You can choose to collect all your books at one shot, or in as many sessions as you need. A database for online browsing would be gradually made available for future convenience.

Click the "Sponsor" button above to help FlowBooks TODAY!

One FlowBook Changes Our World, Because of YOU! Thanks for your kind and generous support.

P.S.  As we are seeking a long-term lease with the landlords who require us to provide proof of steady income for our business operations, we are now reopening in the same location until 14 September, for a further discussion with them by then. So, it's a very challenging 4 days task from now on, for us to take immediate action. We invite you to be our monthly sponsors and also help spread the word to let more book lovers to join our Vision too. Thank you very much!

Bookstore keeper


Flowbooks opening hours:12pm to 8pm
Address: Room 204, Lyndhurst Building, No. 29, Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong.
Whatsapp: 852-92785664