Fundraising Event

Chimp Guardian Program

  • 17/07/2017 - 15/07/2019
  • Hong Kong

About Event

We at the Jane Goodall Institute (HK) would like to invite YOU to support our Chimp Guardian Program. You have the opportunity to become an official Chimp Guardian at our sanctuary in Tchimpounga. With your contribution, the chimpanzees will be provided the necessary care and rehabilitation in our sanctuaries. 

As one for our Chimp Guardians ($500HKD/Month) you will receive:

  • A Chimp Guardian Certificate
  • Regular updates from Tchimpounga on your chosen chimpanzee
  • A 1-year JGI membership which includes invitations to all our exclusive activities and events

Your donation every month goes towards the upkeep and care of the chimpanzee you are the guardian of. Please select the number of months your would like to support your chimpanzee.

Below you will find a short description on each member of our Chimp Guardian Program. You can find an photograph of each chimpanzee in our gallery.

Amazon loves to peer into the pockets of our caretaker's pants and shirts and clean their clothes of any small leaves or dirt smudges. Amazon does not like to see dirty clothes! It is evident that she feels more at ease with her human caregivers, and while this may seem endearing, this is not normal or healthy behaviour and caregivers must try to correct it.

Anzac is very independent and likes to explore alone, although she is always more comfortable when caretakers and the other chimpanzees are nearby. Another chimpanzee, Alex, is one of Anzac’s best friends. They are almost inseparable and spend almost all of their time together.

While Falero should be integrated into a group of chimpanzees his own age, there are few near him in age in the sanctuary, and around the time of his arrival, Lounama, a chimpanzee who had been transferred to the new island sanctuary sites, suddenly had to be transferred back to the main sanctuary. Lounama has a heart condition that must be monitored more closely than possible on the islands.

Jeje is a very charismatic chimpanzee and has many friends in his group. He always wants to play and have fun with them. Jeje is one of the most beloved chimpanzees at Tchimpounga.

Kauka has problems integrating with other chimpanzees, He continually fails to be accepted by other individuals. There is something in the personality of Kauka that prevents him from adapting to social life with his new groupmates.

Kefan is one of the most charismatic chimpanzees living at Tchimpounga. He is a strong male with a dominant personality, but in spite of his great strength, Kefan has demonstrated a great respect for the JGI caretakers who work with him and his group. Caregiver Willy in particular is a great friend of Kefan’s. Their friendship began many years ago, when Kefan was still an infant.

Kudia spends most of her time bonding with Hope, Wounda’s son. Kudia is one of the most playful chimpanzees on Tchibebe Island, she is considered the leader of her group.

Lemba likes to climb to the highest platform in her enclosure and watch as their food is made each day. When it’s ready she can call out, alerting all of the other chimpanzees who can hear her in enclosures nearby that their food is on the way.

Lousingo had been the victim of poachers who killed his mother and then sold him as a pet to a person who dressed him like a human baby. Fortunately, Lousingo has recovered from the trauma of his early life and is enjoying life on the island of Tchibebé, along with other chimpanzees with similar pasts.

Luc is a true explorer. He manages to convince his group every morning to take a long walk on the forest throughout the island. Now that the facilities are more complete, the caregivers rarely have physical contact with the chimpanzees unless there is a situation that requires it such as veterinary care or feeding. For this reason, Luc’s group hikes through the forest are a mystery to the staff.

After the last several chimpanzees have been transferred to Ngombe and Tchibebe Islands, Mambou has become the largest chimpanzee in his group. It’s increbile to think that tiny Mambou, who arrived at Tchimpounga almost dead just a few years ago, now is a strong and energetic chimp.

Many species of animals are made up of individuals who each have their own special abilities. This is certainly true of chimpanzees, where, among a group, one can see many chimpanzees with different personalities and specific skills. This is the case with Mbebo, who stands out among his group for his ability to understand and use tools. It’s very common to see him using stones to open the hard shell of palm nuts.

Moboulou is the self-appointed caretaker of the group, he is one of the first to notice the presence of wild chimpanzees close to the enclosure. Whenever the screams of the wild chimpanzees echo through the enclosure, Moboulou will scan the horizon and patrol the enclosure's fence to look out for any curious wild chimpanzees.

Petit Prince
Petit Prince spends his time eating and resting. The caregivers at Tchimpounga pay great attention to the diet of the chimpanzees. After ensuring he has enough fruit to fill his belly, Petit Prince begins to devour leaves quickly. It seems that he likes these; that they are a delicacy for him. When the other chimpanzees have finished with their other food, problems begin. Petit Prince still has many green leaves and his companions wander around trying to take some. Petit Prince is attentive and prevents them from taking any of his stash, except perhaps for those to whom he may owe a favor, but no more.

Timi enjoys his quiet life with his group at the Tchimpounga sanctuary. Lately he is less active and spends a lot of time in the shadow of the platforms in their enclosure to escape the heat. During the last few weeks it has been very hot in the Republic of Congo. Timi prefers to walk around and be more active at dusk when the temperature is more pleasant.

Wounda is the most famous chimpanzee of the Tchimpounga sanctuary. The video of her embrace of the Dr. Jane Goodall when she was released on the Jane Goodall Institute’s new sanctuary sites on Tchindzoulou Island circled the world. Shortly after, Dr. Goodall would recognize that this was one of the most fascinating moments of her life. We all wondered why Wounda decided to give that almost magical embrace to Dr. Jane Goodall if she hardly knew her. This was an incredibly emotional experience for the entire team there.

Yoko is a special chimpanzee who is very shy and introverted. He had to live for some time on his own because of these personality characteristics. He just couldn’t handle being with a group of other chimpanzees. He was recently moved to Tchindzoulou where he was being watched closely to see if he could handle this new situation. He settled in well, however, he is going to experience another big change as soon as the facilities on the island are complete and more and more chimpanzees are transferred there.