Fundraising Event

Beyond The Locks: Patient Fundraising Program

  • 28/01/2016 - 31/12/2017
  • Malaysia
MYR 202,129
4% Complete
Target : MYR 5,000,000

About Event

In our work, Locks of Hope reaches out to many cancer patients going through the daunting chemotherapy process – many of whom are hard-presssed and burdened in so many ways and could hardly afford the high cost of chemotherapy. Encountering so many of these heart wrenching stories, we at Locks of Hope decided that with the support of to extend an avenue to help collect funds that may hopefully ease some of these patients' burden. Through this fundraising campaign we share personal stories of our cancer survivor friends and the public is given the opportunity to lend a helping hand. 

Join us by DONATING or FUNDRAISING so they can get the encouraging support they need.