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SUKA Society Charity Climb 2018

  • 2/28/2018 - 8/15/2018
  • Malaysia
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SUKA Society

When I was 5 years old, I attended a pre-school kinda near to my home. About 5 minutes drive maybe? When I turned 6, my mother started her job as a pre-school teacher very near my home. Just a 5 minutes walk away. She moved me to her kindergarten. To be honest, I don't remember what I learned there except how much I loved doing crafts with egg cartons and colour pencil shavings. But I did remember my first week in Standard 1 because when my teacher asked me, "Why didn't you bring your PJ clothes?". My answer? "I didn't bring bring my kettle". You see, even with two full years of pre-school education, I had no idea how to answer my teacher's question even though I understood fully what she was asking me.  For most of us, education is something we expect to be given. We went through Primary school knowing how to read, write and count. Maybe not very good at it but we sorta know our ways around it. We cannot say the same for our Orang Asli children. Many of them entered Primary school not knowing their ABCs and 123s. This puts them in a significant disadvantage and as they progresses on into Secondary school, more than 80% of the children would have dropped out before they complete Form 5. And the cycle will continue unless we do something about it.Here's where SUKA Society plugs in the gap. We believe that creating access to pre-school education in their villages by empowering Orang Asli teachers to teach will equip their children with the basic knowledge of writing, reading and counting. This enables the children to enter Primary school with the necessary skillsets. At this juncture, I would like to introduce Haini to you.Haini is a shy Temiar teacher from the interior of Gua Musang. When I first met her, she barely spoke to me. She attended her first training with us and started teaching in her village. She faced many setbacks and challenges. She even had to move her school to another village due to some complications but she persevered on. She is resilient and determined in her mission to educate her students. We invited Haini to join SUKA Society Charity Climb. It will be her first time scaling the great Mount Kinabalu. The purpose of the climb is to raise awareness as well as funds for the Orang Asli pre-school. So here I am! While she's doing the physically demanding task of reaching the peak, I am going to raise fund on her behalf. Any help is truly appreciated! Haini and I thank you in advance.  

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SUKA Society

As many of you know, Me and Stiv met on Everest when we trekked to base camp in aid of a children's charity.  4 years later, we fancied another adventure! Mt. Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South East Asia - standing at 4100m, we wanted to conquer it.Here in Kuala Lumpur, I work with a charity that provides education to Malaysia's indigenous peoples - the Orang Asli. They make up only 0.5% of the population but are a diverse, engaging and culturally rich community - it's been a pleasure working with them during my time here. However, poverty remains rife within these communities, access to education is a factor in this - only 6% of Orang Asli teens graduate high school. We wanted to find a charity involved in this sector that we could climb Kinabalu in aid of.That's when we found SUKA Society, they train members of Orang Asli communities to become teachers and help them set up local schools for their children. Instead of providing quick-fix solutions to these communities, SUKA aim to train the Orang Asli to help themselves - their work is sustainable and long-term. This approach led to them being awarded the United Nations Malaysia Award 2015. We should stress that we have already paid for every part of the trip itself - flights, accommodation, guides etc. Therefore, every penny you choose to donate will go DIRECTLY to the charity and their work. So please DONATE what you can and help reach our (quite ambitious) fundraising goal!  

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SUKA Society

We are a trio of churchgoers from Whispering Hope Methodist Church. Mark (whose thighs make our bak) is a lawyer by day and a person-looking-for-fun-things-to-do-with-fun-people the rest of the time. Celine (whose fried brains make our chor) is currently in fisticuffs with a neverending trail of law exams. En (whose hair is our mee) writes music for a living and wants the world to be a happy place but is often too shy to do something about it. We all care deeply for kids and believe in the importance of education, and we hope you do too! Every little contribution counts towards helping SUKA ensure their existing schools for orang asli kids stay up and running, and that makes a huge difference in the lives of these kids, who would otherwise have no access to basic education.  

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Target : MYR 7,500