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Coronavirus – Feeding Our Hospital Workers During the Lockdown / Pembekalan Makanan Kepada Pekerja Hospital Semasa Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan / 新冠状病毒 - 行动管制期送餐点至前线医护人员

  • 3/19/2020 - 5/1/2020
  • Malaysia
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Savor of Life

Join us in our race against covid-19!Who: You!What: A post-lockdown social distance race to help support Malaysian frontline workers that have been fighting the war against Covid-19 in Malaysia. The first day we are allowed to legally run in Malaysia, choose the distance you wish to run and let the race begin! (Remember to adhere to proper social distancing regulations)  All donations and race fees will be donated to "free meals for frontliners".More information about their charity can be found here: the trick is that you must run your race the first day you are legally allowed to run again.Where: Wherever you want to run! Please make sure to abide by social distance regulations.Why: If you've felt stir-crazy, anxious, emotional, or simply the need to get out and experience the world again, what better way to do it than to lace up your running shoes and hit the pavement the first chance you get. How: Sign-up by donating 50 Malaysian RM to this account. If you do not wish to raise but still want to help out, donate an amount of your liking to our cause! Join us!  

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Raised So Far : MYR 289

Target : MYR 1,000

Fundraising for:
Savor of Life


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Raised So Far : MYR 511

Target : MYR 27,000