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  • 9/30/2022 - 9/30/2023
  • Malaysia
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Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY)

My name is Pau Lam Thang 32years old and  from Myanmar Chin State , I stay small village called Hiangzing , I do farming work which is elephant food yam in my village Due to economies problem i cannot afford to pay my surgery. My village located on the highway of Chin State , We the people had hard time for survive in present situation Myanmar almost like civil war . the Myanmar military force me to walk  front of their battle fiend. Unluckily there was a landmine that heat me my stomach inside an it cause me my small intestine, i had to cut off 7 inches, my surgery fully recover now.The problem is yet i can't do my farming work so i need house rent in the town since i cannot stay anymore in my Village. There are many people like me who did not have place to stay because the Junta burned their house.  

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