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We are raising money to give to help Tasikoki Wildlife Sanctuary. They specialise in the care and rehabilitation of wildlife that have been confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade to provide veterinary care, bigger enclosures, on ground support and education programs.

My Story

Caring for our own native wildlife is important but I believe it is just as important to educate the wider community on how disastrous of an impact the illegal wildlife trade is having on our planets wildlife.  This wildlife is also faced with the issues of deforestation, pollution and climate change and adding all of these impacts up makes the future look pretty bleak.  

I was lucky enough to come across a FaceBook page by Tasikoki Wildlife Sanctuary one day it led me to a visit to the Sanctuary in Nth Sulawesi and it opened my eyes to impacts all of the above were having and how under resourced this sector is.  So much money goes into the massive palm oil companies and the timber trade, Oil companies and running large scale industrial estates.
Where the impacts of those industries come out and start effecting our wildlife and our planet are concerned there is very little money by comparison and the wildlife and environments suffering expands.
I believe this practice is inherently wrong and I want to be able to empower the people and places that are having to deal with these impacts on our wildlife and environment.  These amazing and inspiring people are those on the ground, doing the work, dealing with visas and families and they are so under resourced and under funded.  If these guys can do what they do on a bigger budget, imagine the incredible impacts they could have on our planet!  

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