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We love hamburgers more than anything else in the world... we know, we’re weird that way. Our love of ‘all things burger related’ inspired us to spend years researching what makes the perfect hamburger - meat-to-bun ratios, patty recipes and coarseness. Maillard reactions and cheese meltability to name but a few. Beef & Liberty is the product of that obsession - those technical details are exactly what we are all about. It’s this passion that’s made us want to share our burger addiction with you!

Uwe Opocensky, our Executive Chef, with a stellar resume is known for his “progressive gastronomy” and uses familiar flavours of fresh and seasonal ingredients adding his personal modern interpretations.

As part of our effort to reduce our carbon footprint as a business we use recyclable materials, take part in campaigns that are focused on saving the enviroment, and partner with organizations like Moontrekker.

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