ACE is a charity-based society established at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) which organizes creative fund-raising events, fun visits to homes and other innovative charitable activities at a university level involving students and staff with the surrounding community. Based in Semenyih, ACE Society UNMC strives to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged families that live in area, while at the same time, assists and will fund-raise for global and nation-based charities or unfortunate situations. ACE Society UNMC first started in the year 2007 and has now grown to be a full-fledged society with over 200 members. Being part of the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, ACE Society UNMC is fully supported by both the management of the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus as well as the Student Association of the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. Despite having existed for 7 years, ACE Society UNMC believes that they have not lost their core values along the way, which is evident by the name itself. ACE simply means Action with Compassion and Empathy.


To serve as a volunteering platform for students, members of staff as well of members of public to contribute to society and to assist to those that are in need.


To transform students and members of staff of the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus into an empathetic, compassionate and committed community that is willing to contribute to society through their involvement in different acts in order to support and empower people going through hardships and illnesses.

UNMC Packathon 2014: pack a meal, feed the hungry, a meal-packaging event organized by ACE Society UNMC, in collaboration with Stop Hunger Now, with the aim to pack 50,000 meals which will be transported to Cambodia for the children cared for by New Hope for Orphans (NHO). This event will take place on 1st November 2014 within UNMC grounds at F1A02 from 11am till 2pm. It will involve student volunteers working systematically together to pack, weigh and seal the food packages and prepare them for shipment . We are hoping to raise RM 50,000 in order to purchase the basic necessities.

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