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Hi, thank you for visiting my personal fundraising page. I will be doing 108 kora at the Boudhanath Stupa on September 23rd to raise money for the New Life Foundation. That's roughly a 26-mile walk... in circles. For those of you who don't know, the Boudhanath Stupa is one of the most sacred sites in the Buddhist world. Located just outside of Kathmandu, Nepal, pilgrims have been doing circumambulations, or "kora", here for centuries as a way to connect with and practice their spiritual heritage. I've chosen September 23, 2012 for the date of this event because according to the Tibetan calendar, it is a Medicine Buddha day -- fitting for an organization that brings healing and mindfulness to those who suffer from addiction, depression, burnout, and abuse. Based in Chiang Rai, Thailand, New Life Foundation provides a unique learning environment based on mindfulness and sustainable living, where residents can learn to nurture and maintain their recovery. They help residents cultivate a lifestyle that fosters inner growth and helps them find meaning and purpose in life again. In the effort to make recovery accessible to everyone in need, they keep costs to a minimum -- they only charge residents a basic fee for their room and food only. Meditation, yoga, art therapy and so many other programs are offered to residents for free, so money doesn't stand in the way of their recovery. To continue working in this way, New Life Foundation depends on the generosity of people like you and me. You can learn more about this truly incredible organization by visiting their website: So please give what you can! Through you can make safe and secure donations to sponsor me. The proceeds of your support are immediately sent to New Life Foundation. Using this platform is really simple, and my page allows you to share it with friends, voice encouragement, or even join me and get involved yourself! According to the Tibetan calendar, September 23rd is an auspicious day, and the merit we accumulate on this day is said to be multiplied 100 times over. Nice eh! So donate away and let the karmic effects be magnified! 100,000 Thai Bhat is about $3,200. I know we can do this! (Donations are made through PayPal or credit cards in Thai Bhat. To make the donation math easy -- $100 is about 3,100 Thai Bhat, $50 is about 1,550 Thai Bhat, and $5 is about 155 Thai Bhat.) Please dig deep and donate. Every little bit counts! Warm regards from Kathmandu, Marni Kravitz

Recent Donors

  • Stefanie Wallach

    THB 2,500 17/10/2012

  • Stephanie Wagner

    What a great charity! Thank you for doing this :) xoxo

    THB 3,083 01/10/2012

  • A.Schnitzer

    Thinking of you in Nepal! :)

    THB 1,000 24/09/2012

  • Cory

    Go Marni Go! Much love to you.

    THB 1,550 22/09/2012

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Marni!!

    THB 5,000 22/09/2012

  • Anonymous

    Go Marni!

    THB 1,000 22/09/2012

  • Anonymous

    THB 1,000 21/09/2012

  • Myoshin Kelley

    Great offering Marni!

    THB 1,000 19/09/2012

  • Anonymous

    THB 351 14/09/2012

  • Jamie Pratte

    THB 1,000 12/09/2012

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