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Saving Belum's Tigers

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About Appeal

Hi, I'm Anis Khalif! I am striving to raise money for Trail Cameras to be placed in Belum Rainforest as part of a Tiger Conservation and Research project in partnership with WWF Malaysia for a special school challenge. Camera-trapping is an important tool which wildlife researchers use to study animals. Since animals avoid humans most of the time, they are rarely seen inside the forest.

The cameras will help
  • Track and count the number of tigers in the Belum Rainforest
  • Spot and report poachers
  • Help preserve other endangered animals in Belum Rainforest 

Camera-traps are set on trees facing suitable wildlife trails, and have a sensor which triggers a camera to take a photo whenever an animal or human passes in front of it. Since the stripes of each individual tiger is unique, we can identify the number of tigers from the photos taken by these camera-traps.

I will be doing this as part of a special school project/challenge that includes  doing a service to the community, our service is saving the tigers!

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  • Darren Jones

    A very worthy cause....

    MYR 60 12/12/2017

  • Natasha Haniff

    MYR 150 11/12/2017

  • Syed Azni

    MYR 250 10/12/2017

  • Nadziff & Family

    MYR 500 10/12/2017

  • Ling Hui Chu

    Keep up the good work

    MYR 150 09/12/2017

  • Eddy+Benito Kock

    MYR 250 09/12/2017


    You are the warrior of the Rainforest. Keep up the good work!

    MYR 250 08/12/2017

  • Mazrita Mazlan

    MYR 250 08/12/2017

  • Bustari & Johrah

    MYR 5,000 07/12/2017

  • Mirsham Meer

    GBP 25 07/12/2017

  • Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal Abu bakar

    MYR 3,250 07/12/2017

  • May Ting

    MYR 1,000 07/12/2017

  • Tan Yoke Kee

    Anis, keep up your wonderful work.

    MYR 75 07/12/2017

  • Mohd hafiz sundaram Abdullah

    MYR 250 07/12/2017

  • Sivaraj Thiagarajan

    MYR 75 07/12/2017