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Berry is a sweet 11 months old kitten. She was very playful and always run around the house with her sister. But one day, in November 2019, her eyes start to get cloudy after a few weeks of fighting flu and the doctor nearby suspected her of FIP. By the end of December 2019, she has lost her ability to walk nor even raise her head. During this time, she has been tested with rapid blood test and the result is positive FIP dry form. FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is known as a death sentence for a cat.

There’s an experimental treatment that’s brand new which has had success in beating FIP. This recent research in the US has proven remarkably successful when 24 out of 26 cats recovered. I will attach the link to the research paper mentioned at the bottom of the page. The treatment is a daily injection for 84 days so it’s a long course of treatment and because it’s experimental and new, it’s expensive at $110 a vial. The dosage is based on the current cat's condition and weight. As Berry cannot even walk or even eat by herself, she a higher dose which is 8mg/kg.
Type of FIP: Ocular or Neuro FIP (8mg/kg)
Type of GS: Miner injectable (15mg/ml)
Weight: 1.5 kg
Daily dose: 0.80ml
Est Days per 5ml vial: 6.25
Est vials to complete 12 weeks: 13.44
Est cost of treatment with Miner ($110/vial): $1,478.4 = RM6,003.04
After a few weeks of treatment, the dosage might need to be increased as Berry might gain her weight. From the sharings by rescuers, I was told that the whole treatment can reach RM10,000 because normally the cat will gain their weight. But for now, I am only asking support for RM6,000 and I will try my best to find another RM4,000. This cost does not include her recovery food, syringe, needle and diaper.
Monthly Cost
Diaper: RM8.30 (10 pcs) * 4 = RM33.20
Medication: RM120.40 (Nerve medication & liver supplement)
Recovery Food: RM12 (Hill's a/d Restorative Care) * 11 = RM132
Supplement: RM59 (Complivit)
Syringe/Needle: RM2 * 30 = RM60
Thank you so much. Every RM1 counts.

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  • Ririko

    I've read Berry's story on Twitter. Hope her blood test values return to normal. Much love from Japan.❤️❤️❤️

    JPY 5,000 14/09/2020

  • Anonymous

    In memory of Luna the Black Cat

    MYR 150 09/05/2020

  • Karin Van de Lustgraaf

    Go little Warrior ... love from #TeamMittens

    EUR 10 24/04/2020

  • A A

    MYR 20 11/04/2020

  • Edyn Rolls

    USD 5 09/04/2020

  • Zurainee Annuar

    Adyb and Berry. U have been strong for each other from the start. Always be positively positive.

    MYR 20 28/03/2020

  • Elisa Bengaladdiction

    EUR 15 29/02/2020

  • Christine Holierhoek

    EUR 15 29/02/2020

  • Warda Paracha

    AED 30 19/02/2020

  • Anonymous

    Get well soon berry! 💕

    MYR 10 05/02/2020

  • Ieqa Nash

    Dear Berry, keep on fighting.. and for Adyb, stay strong ❤️

    MYR 50 31/01/2020

  • Krista Stafford

    Donation for medication for FIP treatment for Berry kitty

    USD 30 27/01/2020

  • Be Strong Berry

    MYR 10 23/01/2020

  • Warda Paracha

    AED 20 23/01/2020

  • Anne Burnett

    Hoping for the best for Berry

    USD 25 22/01/2020