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Living in a body that a person thinks and feels that is wrong is difficult, especially to the ones who don't have the opportunity to change it, sad that this society has become shallow and narrow that they think changing/improving through surgeries are for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes only, they have no idea nor will not understand that on people like me, it feels like a curse sometimes to be like this. Some people thinks that trans women only exist as a toy for some men, disregarding trans women's emotional feelings. We are human beings too, we love, we feel love, we understand life, we strive to be hopefully be accepted completely in a decent and respectful way. Some stereotyped trans women just for entertainment like porn which is wrong, some stereotyped trans women can only work on beauty salons, some stereotyped trans women just for entertainment and laughing stocks, some stereotyped trans women are just for pervasive release of men's carnal desires just satisfy their sexual curiosity, some stereotyped trans women exist just to fulfill the financial needs of some men who are lazy to work for a living that trans women exists as their banks and leeching finances, a lot of trans women are redefining this stereotypes by studying hard to someday make a change, struggling to make a difference. When it comes to men, probably a lot are afraid to be judged by the standards of this society had set because they consider us fake women. A lot of men are afraid of this society to judge if they are seen with a trans women, that is why others just keep their desires to be with a trans woman, that trans women end up and will stay hidden in the virtual world of their fantasies, sneaking from the judmental eyes. A lot of men are changing this perception by being strong will to court trans women whom they believe deserve their love and acceptance, openly express their desires and love to a trans woman. I had experienced to be loved before that is why I know the feelings what love can bring. A lot of trans women are attractive than an average biological women which probably gives rise to the hate, prejudice and insecurity of others. A lot of trans women are articulate enough to compete in this unfair world we live in. I will always try to be happy, I will always try to survive, I will continue to improve myself, I will continue to learn because life is a continuous learning process and will be open for improvement. I will be open for love, to the one will finally deserve me. For me, there's no reason to loose hope, I just have to be patient and understanding that everything beautiful takes time to happen, everything that is hard to find that I believe will last can give me the most wonderful life I have ever imagined. If a person has enough knowledge and understanding, then that person will understand that I am not gay, but rather understand that I am a strong, confidently, completely accepted and love myself as a trans woman. I hope thise with kind hearted people out there listens to my genuine and clean intention in improving my life, I don't expect much but only fair and enough on my road to become a fully equipped in a society that is full of judgment and prejudice. I am hoping to raise funds not only for my transition but on immigrating to somewhere that will bring me a better future and more tolerant society where respect and equality exist all in all approximately I need $30,000 You can directly contact me

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